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Just a short communication to let you know the practice is re-opening on the !st June 2020, it feels like a long time since seeing you all!


Due to our ongoing battle against Covid-19, treating patients has become more challenging.

Please be aware that there is a risk in contracting this disease by visiting the practice, I will be doing everything I can to keep you and myself safe.


I will be contacting you within 24 hours of any booked appointment to ensure you are well and have not been in contact with anyone with symptoms.

We have been advised that we should not treat anybody showing symptoms including a raised temperature, new persistant cough or loss of taste/smell, or with a positive test result.

During this triage call I will be ensuring that you are not in a vulnerable group or have vulnerable people in your household as it would be unwise to offer an appointment in this case.

If you are vulnerable or unsuitable for a face to face consultation, I will do my best to help you with a telephone consultation.


When arriving for a consultation, please try to arrive at your allocated time as we need to ensure social distancing with other patients and so appointments will be staggered.

If possible please try to ensure that your appointment doesn’t follow another place of risk ie the supermarket.

Please arrive alone if possible as this helps with social distancing, if you need a chaperone, they will need to be triaged and follow the same rule as the patient to minimise spread of the virus. 

Any other persons that may accompany you should stay outside.


When you approach you will see a sign asking you to wait until you are called in, upon entry you will be asked to wash/sanitise your hands.

Please wear a mask- this is to protect us both.

I will be wearing PPE to include a mask, disposable apron, gloves and eye protection if necessary.

PPE will be changed after each patient and all surfaces including the couch, chair, door handles, taps and basin and anything you may touch will be sanitised.

The clinic room and reception area will be regularly cleaned.

At the end of your treatment, the room will need to be cleaned and left empty to airate for 20 minutes before the next patient, so timing will be very important. 


Payment will be by card/contactless payment or bank transfer if possible, again to try to minimise infection.


I will communicate any new developments via my website or facebook page  Sarah Moore Osteopath


Please phone or e-mail for an appointment, I will do my best to see you as quickly as possible.


Sarah Moore

02380 265055

01962 849247

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