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Podiatry Clinic


Wendy Hogg BSc (Hons) MChS

HCPC registered podiatrist

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The very best care

Podiatrists are specialists who treat feet, ankle and lower leg conditions. With twenty six bones in each foot, four layers of muscle plus associated vascular and neural systems the foot is a complex structure. Treatment may include physical removal of the presenting problem, exercise to help internal structures heal or orthotics to help with the function of the foot.

Some of the current treatments available at the clinic include -

Diabetic foot care

Nail care such as thickened nails and ingrowing nails

Skin care such as removal of callus (hard skin) and corns

Verruca treatment including the ‘Faulkner’s needling’ technique

Fungal infection advice

Nail surgery

Warm wax therapy

Nail reconstruction, if a nail has been damaged it can be rebuilt using materials suitable for the feet

The clinic stocks a variety of off shelf orthotics and semi bespoke orthotics (prescription by practitioner only)

Callus (hard skin)

Verrucae treatment including the ‘Faulkner's needling’ technique 

Fungal Nail and Athletes Foot advice

Nail surgery under local anaesthetic

Warm Wax Therapy

Nail Reconstruction

If you suffer from the following

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Achilles tendonitis

  • Painful bunions

  • Aching feet (muscular or joint pain)

  • Recurring painful corns and callus

These could be caused by the way your feet function and may be helped by gait analysis and possible prescription orthotics.

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